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Newton's Pendulum


Your e-poster at REFRATIVA R.I.O.

Following our tradition of commitment to scientific production

we let you know firsthand that this year the REFRATIVA R.I.O. 2024

will have an area for electronic scientific posters (e-poster).


  • All posters will be be evaluated and if accepted will be presented during the course in e-poster format.

  • There will be a meeting time with the author.

  • The Best poster of REFRATIVA R.I.O. will receive a prize of BRL 7,000 reais and the Dr. Jose Fiuza Award.

  • The second best (runner-up) will receive BRL 3,000 reais.

  • The deadline for submission is October 31st, 2023.

  • Results of accepted posters will be announced by November 15th.

  • The authors will then be notified to send the e-poster according to the specify format.

  • The 1st and 2nd best e-poster prize winners will be announced during the course.

  • All posters accepted for presentation earn a certificate and are candidates for the prizes.

  • The winners of the 2 best posters will also be interviewed about the possibility of joining the research group REFRATIVA R.I.O. and can be selected for a doctorate with prof. Dr. Marcony Santhiago at USP depending on curriculum analysis.


Authors submitting an e-poster must be registered in the REFRATIVA R.I.O. 2024. to be evaluated.

Submit your e-poster here

All submissions should be made by the first author as an abstract in in the field below.

Your abstract should be uploaded through the link below and all information sent to us.

Poster should be about any area of Anterior Segment.

Abstracts should not exceed 350 words (approximately 2500 characters) and should be submitted through the link below.

The following sections must appear in the abstract: 

  1. Objective or Purpose: Concisely state the study goal.
  2. Design: Identify the study design.

  3. Subjects, Participants, and/or Controls: Describe the participants or eyes studied.
  4. Methods, Intervention, or Testing: Describe the how and what is investigated.

  5. Main Outcome Measures: Define the main parameter(s) being measured.

  6. Results: Summarize the main findings. The order should reflect the purpose and design.

  7. Conclusions: State the conclusion(s) derived from the data analysis. 

* You must be registered in REFRATIVA R.I.O. 2024 for your e-poster to be evaluated for the awards.


e-poster submission

Thanks for submitting!

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