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Refund & return policy for REFRATIVA R.I.O. PLAY

Dear Client

Specific information

Company name: REFRATIVA R.I.O.

Business address:

Lead Business Americas, Victory, Unit 124

Av. das Américas 2480

Barra da Tijuca

CEP 22640-101

Rio de Janeiro - RJ, Brazil.

CNPJ 51.308.325/0001-77

Contact information


Telephone +5521997342006


Expected date for provision of services:

REFRATIVA R.I.O. PLAY is a video service that works continuously, a complementary part to REFRATIVA R.I.O. in person and allows subscription to access video channels.

The platform's objective is to offer constant updating of recently published articles, discussion of cases, updates, interviews and news.

Service provision:

Through subscription, the user has access to video channels through the platform. It can be watched via computer, tablet or cell phone.


Refund and cancellation policy:

It is also possible to cancel the service.

In your profile – my subscriptions – see more details – cancel


If you need to cancel the service, you can do so at any time.


In case of cancellation of the already paid service,

We immediately process your order refund.

If for any reason it does not occur immediately, we will make an effort to process your refund as quickly as possible.


You were not charged for the canceled order if you paid by credit card.


In the case of payment via Pix, the refund will also be made in the shortest possible time following the rules above. A 1% fee will be charged.


In case of installments, we immediately process the refund of the order

by credit card, Pix and bank slip.

Note: Refunds for orders paid by bank slip can only be made to current accounts. A 3% fee will be charged.


Payment methods available on the website:

Payment methods are currently available via

credit card or PIX.


We offer a 7-day free trial for you to enjoy without paying anything.


If the customer finds the service unsatisfactory, please contact our user support center by email at

This center is open from Monday to Sunday, from 8am to 6pm. Our team will check if the service can be redirected to another consultant or if a refund is applicable.

The deadline for this request is up to 24 hours after the original subscription.


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