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The REFRATIVA R.I.O. way of wet labbing

Hands-on practical training

like never seen before.

A real chance to get skills, learn or improve your techniques.

More than 30 wet/dry labs in an elaborate itinerary that combines hands-on training with experienced coordinators/instructors. In addition, you have access to our elaborate instructional videos to watch before and after the course and relive everything you've learned.

The Wet/Dry Labs are included in the registration fee. No additional fee!

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Our Wet/Dry Labs provide highly elaborated, practical training in ALL refractive surgery techniques.


A detailed script is followed to help you plan and execute the necessary steps for a successful surgery.

  • Through these wet labs, you will gain valuable experience that will help you become a successful refractive surgery practitioner.

  • In addition to practical activities in different techniques, at REFRATIVA R.I.O. You also have access to dry labs for excimer laser surgical planning, intracorneal ring planning, choice of multifocal and toric IOLs, among other modalities.


  • To complete, you still have the chance to train and get to know the displays of the main imaging exams of all devices. And finally, you have access to practical training with the main devices for dry eye treatment, such as pulsed light, for example.

  • Before and after the course, the students have access to online videos of all wet/dry labs (with subtitles to all languages).


SEE the summary of confirmed WET/DRY LABs BELOW

Everything, Everywhere, All at once

In our annual event, we built our original, state-of-the-art structure, with a division of wet/dry labs to boost results and improve student logistics.


We have the mission to deliver the maximum training at a high level. We have created a veritable theme park of high quality wet labs in our Windsor hotel accommodations.


Come live this experience!

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